Adam Hsu’s Bajiquan Trilogy: Volumes 2 & 3 Are Here!

Bajiquan Thunder Volumes 2 and 3 with Adam HsuAt Last!

It’s one thing to read and listen to the words of a top notch teacher, it’s another thing to experience the teaching first hand. This formidable project which we have anticipated for over a year, offers not just the second installment of Adam Hsu’s magnificent Bajiquan trilogy, but the fabulous third and final DVD.

There is so much in this series  that we’re just going to suggest that you either look at the descriptions on the sale page, or click to the Table of Contents for the topics covered by this in-dpeth series. We sincerely consider this video presentation of Bajiquan to be the best, at present (and, most likely,  one of the best that ever will be.) It is an insight not only into the style but surveys the core principles of the entire art.

See for yourself.

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