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A prolific and seasoned writer, Adam Hsu has written hundreds of pieces and some very important books on the subject he feels passionate about, Chinese martial Arts. Here are some of his books, those available in English. One of the top writers in the field…


KL010  Lone Sword Against the Cold Cold Sky

Without a doubt one of the finest series of writing ever to appear in English on the art and practice of Kung Fu. These essays and articles will become a permanent part of your reading and thinking about this complex, beautiful and highly effective art. Adam Hsu expresses opinions and displays research that challenges and re-thinks the common cliches. At the same time he offers real solutions for the “Kung Fu mess”, and methods for people even without proper instruction to improve and deepen their arts. These writings span almost two decades and are the cream of the work that helped to make Adam Hsu an internationally recognized and respected teacher.

KS043 The Sword Polisher’s Record
Highly recommended.Originally a monthly column that appeared for fifteen years in several Kung-Fu magazines, the Record is now collected, updated and expanded. It is loaded with important concepts, tips on training and philosophical insights into the practice of true Kung Fu. A major book by one of Kung Fu’s most significant thinkers. This is a book that discusses what so few people in the martial arts talk of: the meaning and soul of the art. Enjoy!

A scholar and a great teacher, Adam Hsu, is outspoken and thoughtful. Of late he has almost become controversial but that could not be avoided. Mr. Hsu has a impeccable background. College professor in Taiwan in Chinese Classical literature he is a third generation Kung Fu practitioners. In addition his status as one of the primary disciples of Liu Yun-Chiao and the editor of Wu Tang magazine lend his voice authority. His opinions are strong, but informed. We have heard many criticize but never substantially disprove any of his views. You, too, may disagree but Adam Hsu’s straightforward honesty contributes just as much as it debunks. Definitely a book that will make you think.

Topics include:
Myth and Reality of Kung Fu styles
Role of form in Kung Fu
Internal Training, is it necessary?
Kung Fu Mind, Multi-dimensional Mind
Counterfeit Kung Fu
Adapting Western Methods to Kung Fu


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