Baji Thunder Video Sampling

Adam Hsu Baji ThunderOf all the styles associated with Wu Tan and Liu Yun Chiao, Bajiquan is by far the most famous and respected.

When I first saw Baji in Bethesda, 1970, I had no idea what its was. I had never seen a style like this before. Years later when I saw Adam Hsu and his students demonstrate it in San Francisco, I could see exactly what it was about. That is the difference between authentic Baji and others. Baji looks simple and somewhat over-revved but, on second look, the simplicity becomes sophistication and the explosive movements and unusual angles blend into a single art unlike anything else.

Yes, this is a large series and can be seen as something of a financial commitment—though pricing out each DVD you’ll find them well under $30 each, not to mention the fact that you can buy this series in parts as your bank account allows. And, yes, we know that showing you a few minutes of video can’t fully demonstrate such a rich style or such a vest landscape of information and training. But we couldn’t resist placing a sample of each volume here.

So enjoy watching the diversity of a real teacher teaching a real art.

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