Sifu Adam Hsu’s new Virtual Kung Fu School


From his first DVD series

“The Great Debate”



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  1. Excellent advice. In 1973/4 I learned this form from my classmates after formal classes were over. I was told this system was on its way out because too many practitioners had injuries due to erroneous practice. Shrfu Shen Mo Hui was not happy that I picked up this form after class. The routine was Da Paji Ch’uan or large Paji fist. I brought it back to Hawaii and only one of my friends cared to learn it. Of course, we had to only imagine the stomps and drop the weight a little as to not sustain injuries. BTW, in Hawaii, the style taught by the late Sifu Lum Dai Yong had a routine filled with stomps like Paji but the Shen Fa body methods were different. Now, of course, it has become well known.

  2. Interested in master Adam HUs traditional taijiquan movements and application.How can i obtain a copy of that DVD

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