Sifu Adam Hsu’s new Virtual Kung Fu School


From his first DVD series

“The Great Debate”



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  1. Excellent advice. In 1973/4 I learned this form from my classmates after formal classes were over. I was told this system was on its way out because too many practitioners had injuries due to erroneous practice. Shrfu Shen Mo Hui was not happy that I picked up this form after class. The routine was Da Paji Ch’uan or large Paji fist. I brought it back to Hawaii and only one of my friends cared to learn it. Of course, we had to only imagine the stomps and drop the weight a little as to not sustain injuries. BTW, in Hawaii, the style taught by the late Sifu Lum Dai Yong had a routine filled with stomps like Paji but the Shen Fa body methods were different. Now, of course, it has become well known.

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