Adam Hsu’s Bajiquan Trilogy: Volumes 2 & 3 Are Here!

At Last! It’s one thing to read and listen to the words of a top notch teacher, it’s another thing to experience the teaching first hand. This formidable project which we have anticipated for over a year, offers not just … Continue reading

Foundations: Adam Hsu’s Classic New Forms

Much earlier in his career, Adam Hsu Sifu created a special series of three linking sets. Each of these were progressively designed to waste as little time as possible, getting that crucial fundamental information to the students. For instance, there … Continue reading

Comments from around the web on Adam Hsu

Random Comments on Adam Hsu, his method and his teachings… My instructors both have practiced Chinese martial arts for decades under Adam Hsu, and most importantly they are excellent teachers and coaches. ┬áIt is not uncommon to see instructors out … Continue reading