XingYi Quan – The Five Elements: Shifu Adam Hsu

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“Admittedly, the prospect of sitting down to three DVDs about Hebei XingYi Quan is intimidating at best. Yet, almost immediately, you are taken into a story of practice, of history and, most importantly, Shifu Hsu’s absolute command of his topic. His enthusiasm and dedication become contagious even through the subtitles. And always there is his coy draw that says: you can do this too. It’s easy, just try, everyday.”

From Travis Rath’s review of Shifu Hsu’s Xing Yi Quan DVD series. Read the rest of the review on Kaimen.


XingYi Quan – The Five Elements: Shifu Adam Hsu — 2 Comments

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      No, these are only available in DVD format. However, if you are outside the US, shipping will be much less than estimated in the shopping cart.


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