Adam Hsu’s Bajiquan Trilogy: Volumes 2 & 3 Are Here!

At Last! It’s one thing to read and listen to the words of a top notch teacher, it’s another thing to experience the teaching first hand. This formidable project which we have anticipated for over a year, offers not just … Continue reading

Adam Hsu Interview, Parts 1 – 8 (entire interview now available)

Here is a special interview we flew to Taiwan to capture. Hsu Sifu (teacher Hsu) takes on so many questions from Ted that this should be titled “Adam Hsu: 101.” Check out the first two sections where Adam Hsu discusses … Continue reading

Black Tiger Steals the Heart (Hei Hu Tou Xin )

“A Straight Talk about the Straight Punch: Technique, Principles & Usage” Originally published in Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine. This is a long, in-depth and powerful article, and one of the most thorough presentations of the Kung Fu approach to … Continue reading