Unearthing the Treasures: Kung Fu Sword Part One

coverart_20Adam Hsu has just produced a major DVD on the San Cai sword, a significant weapon routine which can be performed singly or with a partner.  In this article—part one of two—he investigates the many mixed messages distinguishing “sword culture” from misleading symbols such as “sword dance” and theatrical Kung Fu.

But the authentic weapon has had a culture all its own for over two thousand years. There are some real difficulties resolving the “dance” with the “martial” view. Confusion has now reached the stage where competitions are awarding championships to performers who know next to nothing about the sword’s heritage. All this is in direct contrast to the San Cai Sword DVD which teaches and demonstrates authentic usage with the straight sword.

More than just knowing the Kung Fu form and usage, sifu Hsu has done extensive research on the history, construction, anatomy and manufacture of the sword. Click HERE for the first of two fine essays on this fundamental and artistic weapon.

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