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My instructors both have practiced Chinese martial arts for decades under Adam Hsu, and most importantly they are excellent teachers and coaches.  It is not uncommon to see instructors out there who are great at their art with impressive competition records, but they can’t seem to pass their skills and knowledge to their students. IMHO an instructor’s teaching and coaching ability is a very important element in your martial arts success.

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 Mr. Adam Hsu is a world-renowned teacher of Chinese martial arts systems. He is best known for publicly disseminating the Bajiquan and Piguazhang systems to the public, as well as his high level of attainment in the Yin-Fu lineage of Baguazhang.

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Master Adam Hsu has proven himself to be a master not only of the Chinese martial arts but of clearly projecting their essence through his writings. Sifu Hsu’s unique prospective of these high-level arts is long over due. He seems to get right to the heart of the matter, to the very core /foundation of these high-level disciplines. But his prospective reflects his command of his subject. My meaning is ” just because the art is complexed doesn’t mean it has to be presented in a mystical fashion”. If understanding is key to truth, education, and awareness, then sifu Hsu has made a contribution that we will only appreciate, fully in years to come.

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