Three New Experiences from Adam Hsu

One of the most famous Kung Fu instructors in the world brings his teaching prowess to your home. Adam Hsu, widely recognized as one of the great teachers and writers in Chinese martial arts, brings his new virtual studio concept to everyone. His first three learning seminars are done in a multi-DVD format that brings you so much more than the basic movements. He goes through history, theory, personal views, teachers, and—most important—the very experience of learning from a master of traditional CMA. We guarantee the challengers and the feeling of practicing authentic Kung Fu will be absolutely unique.




Three New Experiences from Adam Hsu — 4 Comments

  1. Adam in my opinion is truly an artist and thinks out of the box.
    His teaching of the lines in the order of difficulty not just 1-10 is excellent. Excellent detail on postures and usage. I think that I will really enjoy this set….

  2. What Adam Hsu doesn’t know about Kung Fu probably isn’t worth knowing. His book, “The Sword Polisher’s Record”, is my number one, all-time favourite martial arts book. Buy it and read it again and again.

  3. Hello,
    I received the books and DVDs, thank you.
    Some are best Martial Arts practitioners, but not good instructors; some are good instructors but their MA practice is just so-so. Adam Hsu is proven to be the best practitioner and instructor in martial art community. I enjoyed his books and DVDs so much. They remain to be my most valuable instructional references and best collections .

    Thank you for offering such an excellent series of masterpieces from Sifh Hsu and I am expecting more exciting books and DVDs from him.

    Regards, QG

  4. I got the Sword Polisher’s Journal for my son-in-law because he is a kungfu guy, and I think he would enjoy it, and I am impressed with Adam Hsu’s direct and provocative thinking.
    Thanks Again, RK

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