Baji Thunder, Here At Last!

Adam Hsu performs Baji QuanAnyone not stamping his feet in anticipation of this 7 DVD set from Sifu Adam Hsu on Baji Thunder, is probably not a Baji practitioner…at least, not yet.

This comprehensive offering is so detailed and thorough, it will remind you of only one experience in your martial career: the indescribable treasure of working with a master teacher, in person. Whether you practice Baji Quan now, or have always wanted to learn, there is now an authentic path to this fierce and elegant Tiger and Bear style.

Baji Quan is becoming popular right now. As often happens with newly popular subjects, people expect to conveniently find it wherever they go, so they can learn it. But there are only a few top-notch teachers who really know and understand Baji, and Adam Hsu is one of them, if not the main one. By all accounts his grandteacher, Li Shu Wen, was the best of this style’s practitioner.

This is an exhaustive presentation of seven DVDs covering everything from famous masters to how to work the Baji multiple posts. More like a whole course in Baji than just some lessons, this big series is probably the equivalent of two or three months school tuition, but at least a year of training. Like the best of all these presentations, Adam Hsu wants you to learn Baji Quan.

Regular price: $245, AdamHsuKungFu site PRICE $210.00, INTRODUCTORY PRICE $195.00

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