The Long and Short of Lan Shou

Here is an article from Celebrated Mountain written by Laurie Cahn. Though relatively unknown outside of Asia, Lan Shou is a powerful style resembling Bajiquan. Among its famous practitioners is George Xu.

Celebrated Mountain chronicled the teachings and practice of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts, especially relating to the many schools following the teachings of Adam Hsu. This publication was not widely known, but offered some excellent material which we will be sharing here in coming months.

Excerpt: Baji Quan’s Contentious Style

This piece is excerpted from a longer article by Adam Hsu published in Lone Sword Against the Cold, Cold Sky. He begin by “showing Baji’s credentials” in a fascinating congruence of political animosities and defensive similarities… And in writing this he gives some insight into his own teacher, Liu Yun Chiao.

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Baji's Magnum ForceIn the area of private security, Baji people also have an outstanding reputation. Practitioners fighting in Cang Zhou, baji’s hometown, recorded the glorious history of their bravery and dedication to this famous style. The person widely recognized, since the beginnings of modern history near the turn of the century to this day, as the strongest of China’s Baji masters was the legendary Li Shu Wen. He trained the military and served as a private bodyguard throughout his entire life. And three of his outstanding students trained the bodyguards for three of the most important political leaders in modern Chinese history: Hou Dian Ge followed Henry Pu Yi, the last emperor of the Qing dynasty, until the fall of Manchuria. Li Yu Hai protected Chairman Mao Ze Dong and other highest ranked government officials of the communist Chinese government. And Liu Yun Chiao, trusted by President Chiang Kai- Shek, trained his bodyguards and those of the next three presidents of the Republic of China, as well as secret service agents from several other countries such as Singapore and Vietnam. Continue reading

Baji Thunder, Here At Last!

Adam Hsu performs Baji QuanAnyone not stamping his feet in anticipation of this 7 DVD set from Sifu Adam Hsu on Baji Thunder, is probably not a Baji practitioner…at least, not yet.

This comprehensive offering is so detailed and thorough, it will remind you of only one experience in your martial career: the indescribable treasure of working with a master teacher, in person. Whether you practice Baji Quan now, or have always wanted to learn, there is now an authentic path to this fierce and elegant Tiger and Bear style.

Baji Quan is becoming popular right now. As often happens with newly popular subjects, people expect to conveniently find it wherever they go, so they can learn it. But there are only a few top-notch teachers who really know and understand Baji, and Adam Hsu is one of them, if not the main one. By all accounts his grandteacher, Li Shu Wen, was the best of this style’s practitioner.

This is an exhaustive presentation of seven DVDs covering everything from famous masters to how to work the Baji multiple posts. More like a whole course in Baji than just some lessons, this big series is probably the equivalent of two or three months school tuition, but at least a year of training. Like the best of all these presentations, Adam Hsu wants you to learn Baji Quan.

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Adam Hsu Interview, Parts 1 – 8 (entire interview now available)

hsu_interview1Here is a special interview we flew to Taiwan to capture. Hsu Sifu (teacher Hsu) takes on so many questions from Ted that this should be titled “Adam Hsu: 101.” Check out the first two sections where Adam Hsu discusses the true art of Kung Fu.

Update: All 8 parts NOW available


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Foundations: Adam Hsu’s Classic New Forms


Much earlier in his career, Adam Hsu Sifu created a special series of three linking sets. Each of these were progressively designed to waste as little time as possible, getting that crucial fundamental information to the students. For instance, there are no repetitious sections. Also, each movement is a crucial basic.

Two of these sets are now in a great series of children’s books created in Taiwan. The text is Chinese but the layout and presentation will appeal to most everyone. The first two forms are presented (the middle volume is a child’s graphic novel about Kung Fu) with beautiful graphic details. Although the format is illustrated, as though for a children’s comic, the actual information will benefit a student of any age looking for those crucial foundational Long Fist routines.


“Seize and Destroy Through Chin Na Techniques” :excerpt

This  essay is excerpted from Adam Hsu’s collection of writing on subjects such as Bagua, Shaolin, Tai Chi, Weapons and more…”Lone Sword Against a Cold, Cold Sky.

Chin Na (seizing) is attractive to martial arts chinna7enthusiasts because it is believed the art is effective for gaining total control of the enemy. Many contend when Chin Na is applied, the enemy, though short of being injured, maimed or slain, will nonetheless surrender. However, the popular view of Chin Na is largely simplistic and in many ways misleading. This article will shed more light on the art of Chin Na, so those who undertake its methods will know how and why it works so well. Continue reading

Three Steps to Tan Tui

This new DVD by Sifu Adam Hsu takes a version of Tan Tui and shows three important ways of practicing, giving a new life to an old form. (Actually it could just as easily be performed with your particular version of Tan Tui; or any Chinese martial arts form for that matter.)

This presentation discusses how Tan Tui can be made more “fightable.” Demonstrations of ways to alter the form are mixed with lectures on principles in Kung Fu, all of which makes a new contribution to Adam Hsu’s goal of rescuing the core of Chinese martial arts from a thicket of misinformation and lost skills.

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Coming Soon to Change Your Training

Insights into Kung Fu practice

Insights into Kung Fu practice

Coming Soon!

After completing an outstanding series on Tan Tui 10 Road Spring Legs, Adam Hsu takes it all to the next level by using the same routine to demonstrate how forms training really should be (and WAS in ancient times.) His secret? How to actually use a form, without dumbing it down; unpacking its contents to make it a key method in fight training. Using the Tan Tui, Adam Hsu’s masterly hand also demonstrates how this can work with just about any form, any style, any level. A single DVD with three important steps…